Best raised beds for growing vegetables

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Raised beds are perfect for growing vegetables so we’ll take you through sime of the best raised beds available to DIY or buy…

Why are raised beds better?

Raised beds are suitable for growing a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

Although it’s possible to grow food directly into prepared ground there are seberal reasons why planting in a raised bed is better.

  • Soil quality – some gardens have been built on top of building rubble and have only a thin layer or poor quality soil. A raised bed allows you to ensure that your produce is being grown in good quality and clean soil.
  • Drainage – If drainage is an issue in your garden then a raised bed will help overcome this barrier.
  • Restricted Mobility – raised beds are perfect for anyone who might struggle with bending over fully to garden.
  • Aesthetics – if you want your plot to look good too then raised beds are often good choice as they keep edges clean and tidy.
  • Quick and easy – you can build a raised bed, fill it and start planting straight away. There’s no need to dig your entire lawn up before you can have your dream garden!

What are the best raised beds?

Let’s take a look at some of the best raised beds available to buy or build yourself.

Larch Raised Bed

Best raised beds
When we expanded our growing area we used larch to build the new raised beds.

Larch is a popular choice for cladding buildings because it is reliable and doesn’t require regular treatment.

For this reason it’s also perfect for building a simple raised bed.

Simply nail or screw 4 lengths together to make a rectangle and fill with top soil and compost.


This fun technique is a great idea if you’re lacking in top soil or compost.

First you’ll need to pile some logs and sticks on the ground. Cover that with leaves. Then add a layer of leaves mixed with soil. Next uou need some half-rotted compost (fruit and veg peelings) from your food bin. Finally, top with soil and compost and getting planting.

Pallet Raised Bed

Pallets can usually be acquired either for free or very cheap and although the wood won’t last forever it will give you at least a couple of growing seasons.

Make sure that the pallets you are using haven’t been chemically treated. This post explains how to do that better than I can.

Brick Raised Beds

If you happen to have a load of bricks going spare then they’ll make a handy raised bed.

Had to include this picture because of the dog!

Raised Bed Corners

These raised bed corners make building a raised bed rwally easy. Just screw them on and you’re ready to get gardening.

Steel Raised Bed

A steel raised bed might be just what you’re looking for. They look great and will heat up the soil helping seeds to germinate.

This one is deep enough to build up layers of sticks, leaves and rotting compost too.

Happy growing!

Remember you’ll need to feed your plants with an organic natural fertilizer as they grow.

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Have fun choosing the best raised bed for growing vegetables for your garden.