Can you eat the green shoots of shallots?

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Can you eat the green part of shallots?

Yes you can eat the green shoots of shallots and onions (read below to find out how to harvest correctly)

Infact, eating the green shoots of a shallot is a fantastic way of getting more food from your crop.

We do the same with our onions too and find that it makes our crops go much further.

Shallots are great because you can space them around the edges of your bed or in between slow growing or smaller crops.

You can read even more ideas for getting more food from your garden in this post.

Shallots just added around lettuces in slug collars.

How to use the green shoots of shallots and onions.

Harvesting the green shoots of shallots and onions is easy…

  • Snip the shoot off when it’s still young and tender.
  • Be careful not to take all the shoots from the same plant as it will need some left to grow.

How to eat shallot and onion shoots…

Shallot and onion shoots are delicious and can be used to add an oniony taste to any dish.

Simply chop them as you would chop spring onions.

Try onion and shallot shoots in:

  • Toasted sandwiches with cheese.
  • Sprinkled over pasta.
  • Added to a quiche.
  • In cheese sandwiches.
  • Stir fry with garlic and butter.
  • Added to any dush you’d usually add onions too.

Can you freeze shallot shoots?

Freezing shallot and onion shoots is easy.

Chop them up and put them in a ziplock bag or airtight container and pop in the freezer.

Use from frozen as required.

Read more about what vegetables you can freeze fresh from your garden here.

Can I dry shallot shoots?

Another way I love to use the green tops of shallots and onions is to dry it out in our dehydrator or put it in the oven (turned off) after I’ve baked something. (It will burn if it’s too hot).

We add it to our salt grinder and use to flavour food.

Let me know if you have any yummy ideas for using shallot shoots?

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