Create A Permaculture Fruit Tree Guild | what to plant next to fruit trees & why

What is a fruit tree guild? A fruit tree guild is an ancient technique where mutually beneficial species are planted around a fruit tree to create a thriving, supportive mini-ecosystem. Fruit tree guilds consist of several layers that can be made up of edible…

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What to Plant When | A Month-By-Month Guide To Growing Veg

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My soil is full of stones | Improve soil Quality

Is stony soil bad for plants? “Help, my soil is full of stones!” Rocks and stones in soil can cause a few problems for gardeners. They can cause damage to machinery and make growing some vegetables difficult (especially tap roots like carrots and parsnips)….

Different Gardening Methods | What They Mean

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Best vegetable gardening books for beginners

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Why is buying ethical organic seeds important? Sourcing the best ethical organic seeds. Grow-your-own is becoming increasingly popular and it’s not surprising. With more people becoming eco-conscious and wanting to reduce their waste, gardening seems an obvious next step. However, to truly be a…