DIY Slug Collars | how to make slug collars for free

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Make your own DIY slug collars to prevent slug and snails damage.

Slug collars are a great organic way of preventing pest damage in the garden.

Shop bought slug collars are highly effective but they do get expensive if you’re growing a lot.

So, I wanted to share this really simple method we use to make DIY slug collars.

These homemade slug collars are perfect for protecting newly planted seedlings from slugs and snails.

How to make DIY slug collars…

If you prefer to watch my DIY Slug Collar in video then scroll down a little…

To make your own slug collars you will need:

A plastic bottle



  1. Cut around your bottle so that you have 2 or 3 rings (each around 10-20cm).
  2. Cut spikes on to one side of each plastic ring. (Be careful they get sharp!)
  3. Fold each of the spikes down sideways so that they stick out horizontally.
  4. Place your diy slug collar over your seedling and make sure it’s pushed down into the ground.
Diy slug collars homemade
A homemade slug collar protecting a sprouting broccoli seedling.

Watch here…

I’d love to hear how you get on with your DIY slug collars. Come over and say hi on our friendly Beginner Gardener Tips – gardening chat Facebook group.

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