Does Stroking Plants Make Them Stronger?

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Does stroking plants make them stronger…really?

You may have heard the rumours that talking to plants makes them healthier…

However, there is actual proof that touching plants makes them stronger! AND the scientific reasoning makes so much sense that you’ll wonder why you always felt a little weird caressing your plant babies every morning.

Why does stroking plants make them stronger?

Scientists in Australia discovered that…”the simple act of water droplets landing on a leaf causes an elaborate response inside of plants…

A similar reaction is seen when plants are patted or touched, suggesting that they are highly aware of what is happening to them.”

Thigmomorphogenesis are the changes made by a plant in response to touch. In the wild, these changes would be triggered by the wind, rain and passing animals.

It works so well that commercial growers do this on a large scale using fans to stimulate these changes!

Apparently, stroking seedlings with a robot called Mr Green just once a day made them 30% stockier.

Gardeners don’t need a robot to do this, instead, if we are growing seedlings indoors and they look a little fragile and too tall we can simply stroke them to mimic the sensation of the wind and stimulate hormones that will cause the plant to grow stronger.

Interestingly, stroking a tendril of a climbing plant in the same spot everyday will actually cause it to grow in that direction!

So, next time your seedlings are looking leggy indoors, don’t just assume that the problem is lack of light.

They might also need a little pat!

Does touching plants make them stronger

Now, go forth and spread the word…stroking plants is perfectly normal.

Does stroking plants make them stronger

If anyone tells you otherwise then send them here so they can discover why stroking plants makes them stronger!

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