Free Printable Garden Planner | month-by-month garden planning

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Free gardening monthly planner

Download our free printable garden planner pages.

Tracking your sowing, transplanting and harvesting isn’t at all essential but it can provide really useful information if you hope to increase your yields.

I’m a bit of a list maker (I’ve shared many of my templates on this bullet journal printables page)so it’s not surprising that I have created a few free garden planning pages to track our journey towards self sufficiency.

Planning your garden monthly makes crop changes and succession planting easier to track.

This free set of pdf gardening planning pages also includes a page for you to record all the key information involved with getting a crop from seed to your plate.

Free sowing and harvesting garden planning page

On this From Seed To Harvest printable you can record:

  • Crop – note down the type of vegetable or fruit.
  • Variety – specific variety.
  • Date sowed – when you sowed the seeds (I also note roughy how many I sowed in this column e.g. x 20 or 6 rows).
  • Multisown – did you multi sow or single sow? Useful if you’re planning on fitting more crops in your garden.
  • Days to germinate – how long did the seeds take to show.
  • Transplant date – when you planted seedlings outside (I also note how many seedlings I transplanted e.g. x 3)
  • Succession sowed every…if you’re succession sowing theb note how often e.g. every 3 weeks.
  • Until…when did you stop succession sowing?
  • Harvested from…what date you first harvested.
  • Harvested until…when you stopped harvesting from this crop.
  • Weight harvested – how much was harvested?

The Benefits of Using Monthly Garden Planning Pages

Creating a monthly garden plan rather than an annual one is a really sensible way of keeping track of everything that needs doing on your allotment where things change quickly.

We’ve already noticed many benefits to planning in this way:

  • Garden planning is something enjoyable to do on a cold winter evening when you’re missing pottering about in the garden.
  • It stops all those little tasks becoming overwhelming and helps create focus…especially during busy months.
  • Helps you to feel in control as your growing space expands (we’ve added 4 new raised beds this year!)
  • It’s perfect if you like visual plans as you can actually see how things will move around as the growing season progresses.
  • Helps you to remember those important tasks like sowing successions that will mean you have a supply of fresh veggies for longer.
  • You can easily see (and fill) empty spaces.
  • Who doesn’t love a plan?!
Monthly Garden Planning Pages allotment plan

Download the Free Monthly Garden  Planning Pages

Click to download your free garden planning pages

Free printable garden planner
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Once you’ve printed your plan take some time to plan your garden template. (Ours is easy as our raised beds are all the same size).

Always use pencil to add any specific planting details as that way you can alter things easily if you need to.

If you have a big garden then you could use one sheet per section of garden or print the PDF on A3 paper to allow you more space.

Happy planning!

Remember to take a look at all of my other free bullet journal planning pages…there are a few other gardening ones.

I’d love to hear what you think of these monthly garden planning pages…please share with your green-fingered friends too!

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Vegetable garden planning  pages

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