What To Plant In June

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What can I plant in June?

If you’re wondering what vegetables you can sow and plant in June then read on…

June is such a lovely time of year in the vegetable garden. If you started planting earlier in the season then you may already be harvesting delicious crops.

It isn’t too late to start sowing or transplanting vegetables. So if you’ve had crops fail, eaten by pests or you just want to keep on planting then this post will help…

So, in this post I’ll run through what can be transplanted in June….by that I mean planting seedlings out into the garden. If you want to know what seeds can be sowed in June then read this post.

Planting Courgettes, Pumpkins and Sqaushes in June

June is perfect for planting out your tender courgettes, pumpkins and squashes as the risk of frost is extremely low.

They’ll need plenty of space and are very hungry plants so plant them with plenty of well-rotter manure or compost. We like to plant ours on top of a mound (molehill size) of manure. If you’re lacking space and have an open compost heap then you can even plant one straight on top!

Courgette spacing: 90cm (36inch) (they can trail between other plants like sweetcorn and sunflowers)

Dwarf Courgette spacing: 45cm

Pumpkin spacing: 90cm – 3m apart (depending on variety)

Planting Tomatoes in June

Sun loving tomatoes will also be happy to wait until June to be planted out. Find a sunny spot that’s sheltered from the wind and rain and add a cane for support.

Tomatoe Spacing: 60 – 90cm (24 – 36inch) (you can pinch out the growing tip when tall enough)

Planting Cucumbers in June

Cucumber Spacing: 45 – 90cm (18 – 36inch)

Outdoor cucumbers can be planted out in June and much like other hungry plants will benefit from a mound or compost or well-rotted (and weedkiller free) manure if you want them to crop well.

Planting Aubergines in June

Aubergine Spacing: 60cm (2ft)

You’ll need to plant out your aubergine plants before the end of June as they will require plenty of time to fruit and ripen.

Planting Sweetcorn in June

Sweetcorn in best planted in blocks rather than rows as this will help with pollunation. as roots appear at the base of the stems you can mound them up with soil. It will help to mulch around plants to surpress weeds but you can also intercrop to fit more vegetables in your garden. Trailing courgettes will grow between plants as will lettuces and radishes.

Sweetcorn Spacing: 45cm (18inch)

Planting Beans in June

Unlike peas, beans are tender and don’t do well in the cold weather so it’s a good idea to wait until late May or June to transplant your seedlings outside.

Support them with canes, branches, string, wire or grow them up an arch as they will grow tall! If you have less space then dwarf varieties are available.

French Bean Spacing: 15cm (6inch) apart (40cm between rows)

Runner Bean Spacing: 15cm (6inch) apart (60cm between double rows)

Planting Chillies and Peppers in June

Chillies and peppers can be planted out in a sheltered and sunny spot in the garden.

Planting Brassicas in June

There is still time to be sowing and transplanting Kale, Sprouting Broccoli and cauliflowers to harvest later in the year, Remember that you can intercrop them with faster growing crops like lettuce and radish as brassicas take up a lot of space when mature.

Kale Spacing: 75cm (30inch) for tall varieties

Calabrese Spacing: 30cm (1ft)

Sprouting Brocolli Spacing: 60cm (2ft)

Summer Cabbage Spacing: 35cm (14inch)

Planting Potatoes in June

It’s not too late to plant some maincrop potatoes. Charlotte and Maris Piper will do well in 40 litre patio bags (5 in each). There’s no need to worry about chitting the potatoes (waiting for the shoots to develop) as the warmth from the earth will be sufficient this time of year.

Planting Strawberries in June

Plant cold-stored, bare-rooted runners now and have fruit in a few months or buy potted strawberries (you can wait to plant potted strawberries later in the season. Prepare your sunny spot with well rotted manure before planting out these hungry plants.

Strawberry Spacing in a Pot: 25-30cm (10-12inch)

Strawberry Spacing in Ground: 35cm (14inch) apart / rows 75cm (30inch) apart

There are also loads of seeds that can be sown in June so take a look at What Seeds Can Be Sowed In June post too.

You can also print out this handy Garden In June overview below.

What to plant in June
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